Magnolia Place is proud to offer a skilled nursing home for the Jefferson, Texas area. Magnolia Place offers skilled nursing and rehab to the seniors in Jefferson. We understand how important finding the right skilled nursing facility is for you and your loved one and how important it is to have your questions answered.

Perhaps you’ve been told that a skilled nursing facility is the right place for your loved one, or maybe you’ve heard the term and wonder what a skilled nursing facility is and does. This term might be somewhat unfamiliar to you, especially if you’ve only recently started looking into the different types of senior care options. Let’s break it down and try to make sense of this.

A skilled nursing facility is one that provides 24-hour care for the senior who can no longer live independently. These facilities provide both short-term and long-term care, depending on the patient and his or her needs. Perhaps someone is simply recovering and needs some extra care for a while. A skilled nursing facility might be the right place.

The facility has the proper staff and equipment to provide skilled care, rehabilitation, and other related health services to patients who need nursing care but do not require hospitalization. This staff will include nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and specialists who are trained in senior care specifically.

Some of the care provided by a skilled nursing facility include stroke recovery, Parkinson’s care, general rehabilitation, custodial care, and general wound care. There are, however, other

If your loved one requires round-the-clock nursing assistance, close supervision, assistance with meals and personal hygiene, and/or help getting in and out of bed, then a skilled nursing facility is probably the right place to go.

Keep in mind that if your loved one is still pretty independent or doesn’t require this much assistance then there are other types of housing and care available for seniors.

If you have any questions about Magnolia Place and the types of services and care we provide, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to respond to your questions and concerns.